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Research Opportunities at Sohail Lab


We are actively recruiting undergraduates, master’s students, PhD students, and post-docs to join the group! The Conacyt system in Mexico provides fellowships at the master’s, graduate and post-doc levels to  support your training (applicable for Mexican nationals as well as internationals). If you are interested in joining the group, please reach out to discuss opportunities about existing projects or new projects you’d like to bring:

Potential graduate students can become part of the lab through admission in the Biomedical Sciences, Biological Sciences or Biochemical Sciences programs (for master's and PhD students) at the UNAM. 

I am committed to working together to make the lab a nourishing home for all identities and especially those that have struggled in the mainstream. I firmly believe that a scientific career can be a playground to play, imagine and create, and with a commitment to kindness and openness, can unravel into a highly productive and fulfilling existence. I am deeply committed to help my trainees realize their own potential through this lens. I can also promise you constructive critique because we believe in extreme rigor and hold ourselves to high standards in our scholarship and its communication. We are aware of the colonial histories of Mexico and Latin America and highly encourage scholars who identify as indigenous to reach out.

Cuernavaca and UNAM Campus Morelos are serene and beautiful places to live and work in, with ample opportunities to collaborate internally within the UNAM institutes and centers as well as nationally and globally within my existing network. Cuernavaca has been called "La Cuidad de la Eterna Primavera" or "The City of Eternal Spring" by the German naturalist, humanist and explorer Alexander von Humboldt, and is only ~1hr (by car) from Mexico City, and close by to other towns of interest such as Tepoztlán

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